Friday, July 16, 2010

One already...

I figure its about time that I post on Nash's blog with him turning one and all.  So what is life like with a one year old? Mostly it consists of amazement at all the things he learns from day to day. Then the rest is filled with me saying "NO". Nash is one inquisitive little man. He can find his way into anything. One thing I know that will keep his attention for at least 10 minutes is giving him the Vacuum attachment and letting him pretend to do what momma does. It is so funny to watch him crawl around the house vacuuming. Other then that he has grown so much and makes us laugh daily. I am blessed being the mother of Nash and am excited to see how he will grow in the next year.

Nash and Emery at the dog park celebrating his 1st birthday!

Reading one of his favorites, Tugga Tugga Tugboat.

Learning all about grass.

Wondering why we take so many photo's of him?

Loving the swings!

Back home and reading another favorite, Grandpa and Spot.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Simply Beautiful...

Nash will be 8 months old on March 7th and it really blows me away. I can not believe how old he has become. It really feels like just yesterday I found out I would be having a baby. Where does time go? Nash is an amazing child. He loves to laugh and play with his toys. He also has a strange love for the vacuum. It happens to be nice for me. If he is crabby and I need to vacuum, i just turn it on and an instant wonder fills his eyes.
I am blessed to spend everyday with him. I take for granted the little changes that he makes, but soon he will become an awkward teenager and I will wish to go back to the days of wonder from a vacuum. I love my son. He has a beauty that fills my heart will joy. His smile can brighten my mood. I am blessed by this child daily.

Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd calender year...

January 7th 2010 Nash turned 6 months old. It is hard to believe that it was only 6 months ago that he was born. Watching a baby develop is one of the most amazing things. There is never a time in your life where you change as much as you do when you are a baby. It feels like everyday he learns something new. Nash has just began to master the art of sitting on his own and no longer does his head make him fall over when he looks around. He has been enjoying sitting and playing with toys in front of him.
He also just started eating solids and well thats not his favorite thing to do. He takes one bite then wont open his mouth again. The best is when is gets a good bite then a second later the flavor hits him and he makes the funniest face. I try not to laugh, but how can you not. Hopefully soon he will want to try more.
Over the holidays we were out a lot and spending a lot of time away from home so when we returned home a neat thing happened. From the moment we walked into our home Nash would liven up and get to excited. He loves being home. Then the moment he would see one of our housemates he would lose it. Laughing, smiling, he really does love everyone we live with and that is a beautiful thing. We are so blessed to be able to raise Nash in a home with so many loving and caring individuals. Here are a few photos of how Nash really has changed in a little over 6 months.

Friday, December 4, 2009

5 months and counting

Nash Ladd is five months old. Boy does time sure fly.
I thought i would start a blog dedicated to my son. He is a huge joy in my life and I would love to share some of his moments with anyone who is interested.
I plan on posting stories, photos and the occasional video. Hope you enjoy and see Gods beauty through the eyes of a Child.